About the project

AI-driven retro-style MMORPG Turn Based PvPvE extraction looter fueled by $ELDE.

Elderglade unfolds within a captivating fantasy universe segmented into various realms, each offering unique adventures and quests for heroes to embark upon.

Champions are a focal part of the game, each unique in species and classes, pros and cons. Players can own multiple champions, accelerating their progression. Upon gaining experience and leveling up, players customize their character and its abilities by assigning different skills in a skill tree path.

Items provide champions with attack power and protection. They can be found in the wilderness, looted, crafted, or received as a quest reward.

PVP and PVE battles take place in the wilderness. If the champion is defeated, items can be looted by other players. The inventory is only safe once extraction is found and time runs out.

Champions navigate through the hexagon maze fighting NPCs, bosses, and other champions, and collecting the loot. The battle turn-based strategy ensures smooth blockchain confirmations and 100% cheat prevention.



AI-Driven Fantasy Realm: Players engage in a strategic journey across a dynamic fantasy world, where AI enhances every encounter for a truly immersive experience.

NFT-Fueled Adventure: Unique NFTs bring unparalleled depth to gameplay, allowing players to own distinctive in-game items and characters.

Rich Turn-Based Battles: Intense turn-based PvPvE battles, where strategic decisions shape the outcomes.

Community-Centric Economy: A player-driven economy and sustainable NFT ecosystem encourage active community participation and engagement.

Cross-Platform Accessibility: Seamless gameplay across multiple platforms, thanks to Elderglade's cross-platform and cross-chain functionality.

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